1/9/07 "Good Idea Nick!"

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Aaaaand we’re live! Welcome to Innernut Entertainment, home of the most complicated web address in the world! For more information about who we are and what this is, feel free to visit our “about” page!

  So, this is our revamped site design. We hope you like it! We’ve incorporated several new things, such as a sketchbook section for Jeff’s artwork and a blog for Dylan’s verbal diarrhea, as Mr. Harness would call it. Our biggest new addition is Disappointmentville, USA, our ongoing webcomic. We’re going to be adding a new comic every Tuesday, so be sure to check back.

  We want to take time to plug sketchymind.com, the official website of our good friend Daniel Heaton. He launched his site around the same time we launched ours, so we feel like we’re sort of in this thing together. We wish him the best of success, as long he isn’t more successful than us.