1/23/07 "Don't Show Logan"

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  When I write comics, I draw inspiration from real life. And by that, I mean I make fun of people all the time. Because of this, I tend to keep them amongst my close friends and far, far away from the people that Iím lampooning. Some of my friends donít really grasp this concept, and tend to broadcast my work against my will, leaving me racked with fear that someone will see their parodied self and think Iím mean!

  As for the fact that Iím now broadcasting these across the internet Ė Iím on the internet. You canít find me.

  As we mentioned last week (and will probably mention for weeks to come) the site is still a work-in-progress, but progress has been made! Though Jeffís sketchbook is still under maintenance, heís added some delicious artwork for your hungry eyes! So go ogle his amazing artistic talent and laugh at his slow and poor web design skills!

  So Iím going to attempt to up my game with my blog. Iím going to attempt to do a blog entry everyday. Thatís right! Every 24 hours, a new entry about meaningless crap will be forced onto my blog. If I donít make good on this promise, feel free to fill my comments section with obscenities about my mother.