1/30/07 "Not a Checkbook"

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Jeff is very adamant about keeping his finances in check. Itís not unrealistic to see him hunched over a desk and assume that heís scoping out his financial situation; making sure his money is snuggly where he left it. I, on the other hand, circumvent the entire ordeal by spending every penny as I acquire it. I make a game out of it.

  While perusing a list of webcomics, I came across Horribleville.com. At first I laughed at his pathetic attempt to cash in on our clever property, but abruptly stopped when I saw the quality of his work. But then I laughed again because that shit is damn funny. I actually emailed the creator and told him that his site was so good I wanted to kill myself, but he quickly wrote back with badly formatted words of encouragement. Seriously, heís a hilarious guy and his webcomic is one of the best Iíve seen. Check out his site. Weíll be adding it to the sidebar soon. Or maybe Jeff already put it there. I donít know, I try not to talk to the guy.

  Last week I said that I was going to try to update my blog daily. Well, I failed miserably! Iím still going to try to update it frequently, but I really want to devote my spare time to this place so we can get it up and running faster.