2/13/07 "The Note"

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Last week, I mentioned that we were toying with a guestbook. It’s live now and you can find it in the “feedback” section. Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

  Here’s the full scoop behind todays comic:

  It was the summer of 2005. Logan and I had just finished a term with the Lake County Americorps program and were gearing up for our next term. We were out gallivanting around Disappointmentville when we noticed a vehicle that belonged to one of our two bosses. We found a piece of paper in Logan’s car and scribbled “Team Unhappy Dino Strikes Again!” and secured it underneath her windshield. (Team Unhappy Dino was a name we’d gotten from Mario Party and something we constantly paraded around as.) Pleased with ourselves that we had written a friendly note that was chock full of good memories, we skipped off!

  Soon after, we received a call from our bosses requesting our presence. We assumed it was to go over the details of our second term. How wrong we were. They called me in first, which immediately set off alarms, as we assumed we would go in together. Once I was in there, I was asked “Do you recognize this?” and showed our hilarious, memory-laden note. Only something had changed. Underneath our witty and nostalgic message, new, foreign text had appeared. Upon closer inspection, it read “fuck your dead shit.”

  It took me a second to process and check my memory banks to ensure that the new text was indeed not part of our original message. Once I reassured myself that a third party must have been involved, I freaked the shit out. I didn’t know what to say, other than “we didn’t write that part.” They proceeded to show me a survey that they had given out at the end of the previous Americorps term. This particular survey had been filled with mean, hateful answers, until the author just gave up and wrote “fuck” on every page. This survey was Logan’s. Things did not look good.

  I sat outside the office while Logan went inside. I would have loved to see the look on his crazy face when they showed him his survey. He probably laughed; seriously, the dude’s nuts. I think the best part is when we were talking about it afterwards and Logan said “Did I write that?”

  It seemed like a pretty sure thing that we weren’t coming back for a second term, ever. Police involvement was actually mentioned, as “fuck your dead shit” could be taken as a very, very poorly worded death threat.

  However, in the end, our bosses gave in and believed us. They said that due to our past records, we deserved the benefit of the doubt.

  I still don’t know if Logan wrote that or not. I don’t think he knows, either.