2/20/07 "Roy is Blessed!"

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Thursday is our big 24 hour comic day! Well, technically, Thursday and Friday are our big 24 hour comic days, but yeah, it kicks off on Thursday. It will be Jeff, Nicholas J. Cole (of our first comic), Dan Heaton (sketchy mind), and myself. The four of us will form some sort of comic-producing quartet, and not a “quadro”, as I originally thought. Duo, trio, quartet.

  Of our quadro, I am easily the least artistically talented. I just write words, I don’t draw them.  If you’re reading this, you’ve no doubt been exposed to Jeff’s stellar artwork. If you head on over to Sketchy Mind, you can see Dan’s fine work as well. Nick, although he will deny it to no end, is also something of an amazing artist, especially when it comes to still life drawing and painting. His condominium is plastered with framed paintings he did when he was like two.

  Jeff said he’s getting nervous about the whole ordeal; and he should be. If his comic isn’t exceptional, I’m kicking his ass off the website.

  We’ve added a new comic entitled Hell is Bad in the “other comics” section. Jeff wrote and drew it in 2005. Translation: it’s terrible.

  We’ve also started adding the Happs to the archive, because what I write is fantastic. Because of this, I’m going to make an effort to make future posts longer and somewhat timeless, so that in three years you don’t stumble upon an archived entry that reads “Well, we posted a comic about turtles today. Well goodbye.”

  Next Tuesday, I’ll let you know how the comic shindig went down. God willing, maybe we’ll even post the comics, pizza stains and all.