2/27/07 "Do Not Swim"

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Kayaking is something that Logan and I enjoy but donít get around to doing much. We have yet to take Jeff, something that we should do in the near future. I remember when Logan first got to try out a hard-shell plastic kayak (as opposed to our inflatable ones). There he was, floating in the creek and schooling me on how not to flip over, when he flipped over and the creek snatched away his glasses. It really wasnít hard to foresee.

  So our 24 hour comic event was both a failure and a success. It was a failure in the sense that none of us reached the 24 page mark, but a success in every other aspect. Oh, also, it was also a failure in that my comic was a failure in every way. Other than that, good times! Although it was grueling, it was so in a good way. We had lots of fun and we each eagerly anticipate our next attempt. Jeff hasnít been able to get his comic scanned in yet, but rest assured that it will make its way onto the site at some point, as well as Nickís. Their comics are good.

  You mightíve noticed that our feedback section is down. Terrible spam robots were having a field day with it, posting a seemingly infinite amount of links leading to hardcore pornography. Had those links actually produced the goods, we might have considered keeping them; but no dice, so theyíre gone. We plan to have the feedback section back up shortly.


  Jeff here.  Dylan refrained to mention that after Logan lost his glasses in the creek Logan had to drive home wearing Dylanís glasses.  Unlike the comic, he had to wear them upside down in order for them to work.  The only problem was that the glasses were still to week to help Loganís terrible eyesight so Dylan was stuck with the Job of directing Logan. Iím surprised they made it back alive.

With Love,