3/6/07 "McBank"

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Oftentimes I'm an idiot. The scene depicted in this comic is no exception.

 Jeff, Logan, and I were at the casino for "match play," an event that occurs every Sunday where the casino will reimburse you $10 once you've played $10. The way this works is you play ten bucks in a machine with your Player's Club card inserted, then take your card up to the actual Player's Club, where they verify that you spent the money and write you a voucher, which you can redeem at the cashiers' cage.

This particular trip was special because a major hottie was working behind the counter. I played my ten bucks, printed out my receipt of the money I won (completely separate from match play redeemable at the cashier's cage), and headed on over to the Player's Club. While standing in line, I jokingly remarked that I was going to "make my move." Although I actually wanted to flirt with this girl, my lack of testicles prevented me from doing so, hence the humor in what I had said.

So I get to the counter and with my confidence at its peak slap my printed receipt down in front of Hotsy McBonerstick. My receipt is not at all my Player's Club card, which is what she actually required. My having made a fatal error, she attempts to politely inform me of my mistake. My confidence still swelling, I ignore what she's telling me and say to her "You need to write me out one of those things" and make a scribbling motion with my hand.

 This is what I'm like all of the time.