3/14/07 "Annoying Ring-tones"

Spartan Beard Stab Attack

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I really don't understand the appeal of using animal noises as ringtones. Or any noise that isn't either a ring or a song of some sort. A friend of mine has a ringtone of a woman screaming. That's not exactly something I want going off in my pocket while in the line at the supermarket. I also don't want a cat meowing; or a horse neighing; or a man sticking his key in the ignition of his Toyota and turning it ever so gently, only to discover that his truck may not want to start today. He gives it a second, knowing that good things come with time, and then proceeds to turn it again, only to be met again with the "wah wah wah" of the defiant starter. He curses under his breath, this being an appropriately fitting ending to a monumentally terrible day. In a way he was glad. His current auto troubles were delaying the inevitable argument that will arise when he informs his wife that the company decided his services were no longer needed. Closing his eyes and pressing his forehead against the wheel, he mutters a silent prayer as he turns his key for the third and perhaps final time. His vehicle kicks to life and life goes on for one more day.

 I don't want that as my ringtone.

 I haven't updated my blog in quite some time. I've been swamped with work, so while I'm making excuses to never do said work, it just doesn't make sense to do a blog entry when I have all this work I need to do.

 I'm going to change my blog format. I don't mean the layout; that's going to remain the same for the time being. I mean I'm going to be writing less and less standard entries and trying to do more fiction. I realize that after doing this it won't be a blog per se, but I'll still do the occasional "blog style" entry, so it's not a complete lie.


Some non-artist types donít realize how much work goes into a comic strip or page.  My friend nick exploded with confusion and amazement when I told him that it takes a professional comic artist a day to complete only 1 to 2 pages (thatís just the pencils).

That being saidÖI have failed you all.  I had a whole week to complete a measly eight panels yet I was terribly late.  I must apologize to the fans.   I am sorry to the both of you.  I will be taking steps to prevent this from happening in the future even if it kills me.

Yours in Christ