3/20/07 "St. Patty's Day Special"

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Happy belated St. Patrickís Day! Jeff felt that a St. Patrickís Day comic was in order and I concurred.

  So Logan was down for spring break last week, but he left Sunday to go back to COLLEGE. Now that heís gone, Iíve got a ridiculous amount of work to catch up on before the end of the month. Thanks Logan!

  I saw three movies over the past week: the Prestige, Slither, and Zodiac.

  The Prestige was absolutely amazing. Everything about it was amazing. If you havenít seen it, youíre not amazing and youíre wasting my time.

  Slither was some good, grotesque fun. It was pretty hilarious and actually really terrifying at parts. You should definitely check it out. Itís written and directed by James Gunn, the guy who wrote the new Dawn of the Dead. Also, heís married to Pam from The Office. I hate him for that.

  Zodiac scared the shit out of me. Not that itís a horror film; itís not. However, it is an intense, disturbing, factual account of a serial killer that plagued Northern California in the 60s and 70s. A lot of people will probably be turned off by its length (2hrs 45min), but to be honest, I wouldíve loved it if it kept going. It was damn good.

  In case you havenít noticed, I still havenít updated my blog. I made the announcement last week that I was going to start focusing on fiction. What this means is that Iíll be more picky and selective about what actually goes in there. Iím terrified of putting up sub-par fiction and being rejected by the internet! Hopefully Iíll get over this insecure hump and start postings thousands upon thousands of shitty words.

  Until then, enjoy the comics.