3/27/07 "The Junk Trunk"

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Jeff, Nick, and I saw TMNT this past Sunday and I have to say that I was pretty blown away by it. I really had no expectations for it up until about a week before its release, but even then I was surprised by how good it was. It had its fair share of campy, eye-rolling humor, but given its family-friendly nature, I expected all that. However, I expected a lot more of it than it actually contained, and some of the humor had me laughing out loud. The overall plot actually surprised me at parts and was a lot less predictable than I thought it would be.

  While Donatello and Michelangelo took a definite backseat to Leonardo and Raphael, I didnít mind one bit, because I think that Leo and Raphís feud was the highlight of the whole movie. It was done remarkably well and theyíre eventual confrontation was nothing short of amazing.

  Like I said, I was completely blown away by TMNT and I think it was far better than all of the live action movies. If youíre a turtle fan at all, youíll love the hell out of it.

  Holy shit, did you see the season finale of Battlestar Galactica? I donít want to go into any details, for fear of giving away something to someone who hasnít watched it yet. If anyone ever spoiled anything of this magnitude, Iíd shove a spoon in there ear and wiggle it around in their brain; thatís right, murder. I think it was definitely one of the best, if not the best, episode of Battlestar Iíve ever seen.

  I had read that Mondayís episode of 24 jumped the shark. My first thought was thatís fucking awesome. If anyone could jump a shark, it would be Jack Bauer. It turns out thatís not what they meant at all, and the show is ruined now.

  Jack interrogates a mentally retarded man who informs him that he enjoys peanut butter, unicorns, and providing terrorists with secret access codes that he gets off of the internet. Then Jack hatches some crazy scheme to use the poor guy to lure the terrorists in, placing the countryís safety in the hands of someone who has some mutated form of autism.

  I used to love 24. The first few seasons (and season five) were extremely well-written and made for some excellent television. It went downhill in parts, but nothing even close to this. And tonight isn't the only night that itís been bad. The show became a parody of itself a while ago and Iím honestly not sure why I keep watching.

  The T-shirt Hell ďTorsoless TedĒ mascot contest is still open to votes and if you havenít voted for Jeffís entry yet, please do so! His entry is entry number 5.