12/13/07 "Nervous Journalism"


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So the holiday season is upon us. Itís that time of the year where everyone sets their grievances aside and rejoices in holiday cheer. Not in Disappointmentville, mind you. Santa donít come round these parts.

So weíre nearing our one year anniversary. Actually, itís not for another month, but given that we churn out comics at a slothís pace, thatís only four installments away. So Merry Christmas, everyone. Enjoy our disappointing comics.

Itís no secret that Iím a big TV whore. Iíll neglect any and all responsibilities to get my fix and I weep like a child when a show I adore gets canned. My latest love on the chopping block: Journeyman. According to this Kristen lady, the show has already been shut down and the final two episodes of the season might not even air. Thereís a campaign going to save Journeyman by sending ungodly amounts of Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco Treat! I have very little faith in this, but if you feel inclined to do your part, you can learn how here.

Thereís not a lot going on around here, so I guess Iíll leave you with that. Until next time, Journeymen.