12/20/07 "A Frosty Christmas"

We should change the name of this county to ďNo County for Good Movies.Ē I want to see No Country For Old Men more than Iíve ever wanted anything in my life, but our theater either fails miserably at acquiring movies or makes really bad business decisions.

So Journeymanís last episode airs this Wednesday. Last week I was pretty upset about the showís cancellation, but after last episodeís foray into astrology and mysticism and other bullshit, I think itís all for the best. It feels like shooting a horse thatís broken its leg. Itís time to put you down, Journeyman. Itís only going to get uglier from here on out.

Thereís nothing I hate more than getting cheated out of good science fiction. When promising sci-fi turns to fantasy to explain everything, itís no longer science fiction at all and it really hurts the whole genre. Itís the writers admitting that itís impossible to write good sci-fi without taking supernatural shortcuts.

I donít hate Journeyman, I just feel that if it hadnít got cancelled, the best it couldíve hoped for was mediocrity. The characters and stories are still strong, but the overarching plot and premise took a complete nosedive. What was the most promising show of the season became the biggest disappointment.

With the writerís strike still going strong, most of our favorite shows are going to be ending in the next month or so. With nothing but reruns on the air, I encourage everyone to start writing Disappointmentville fan fiction to pass the time. Donít forget to send it in, so we can use your ideas on the site and we wonít have to write comics anymore!