12/28/07 "A Cold New Year"

The comic was a day late due to Christmas happening and all. If youíre mad about that, grow a heart. Besides, what position are you in to tell us when to update our comic? We run a website on the INTERNET.

Whatís this? Two holiday comics in a row?! Hey, it wasnít our idea to have these holidays this close together. Blame whoever created the calendar, which was God. Blame the Lord. If you dare.

Man, now that Journeyman is over, I sure feel like a jackass for bashing it so much in last weekís Happs. Iím so sorry, Journeyman. I love you. If I promise to love you forever, will you come back? Please?

I guess I have no choice but to go back in time and save Journeyman. Thatís a hilarious joke that I just made because in the show Dan Vasser actually goes back in time and saves people. I would be doing the same thing, expect I would be saving a television show instead of saving a person. But then the person that I was supposed to save would probably die and I would ruin the future. And then Journeyman would still be on the air, but we would live in a crazy dystopian world. I would have to rig up a shack in the wastelands and engineer an antenna out of discarded baked bean cans so that I could get reception. Then I could watch Journeyman. But I would have to turn the volume down really low when the zombies came around, otherwise I would alert them to my presence.

  This is why we canít go back in the past and change things. Itís called the butterfly effect. Canít you tell I love science?