11/01/07 "Answers from Above"

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Iím writing this Happs from the wide open road. My carcolepsy (car-induced narcolepsy) momentarily subdued, I decided to take this chance to put pen to paper. Iím accompanying two friends to Santa Rosa (CA) to secure a chicken coop that they purchased on craigslist.

  I, however, have my own agenda. Iím trying to hunt down a copy of Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbadosí Treasure for the Wii. Disappointmentville had turned up nothing, so I thought that venturing outside of its depressing grip might yield better results. I was sadly mistaken, as I hit a dead end, but I donít know what I was expecting from Best Buy and Target. Still, itís terrifying to see Disappointmentville slowly but surely wrap its rotten mouth around such a big city as Santa Rosa. I fear that, before too long, Iíll be a resident of the United States of Disappointment. Or you could say that I already am, with the way this administration is handling things. BA-ZING!

  So Jeff is on his hiatus, as you could surely tell from the crudely drawn comic.  His hiatus couldnít have come at a worst time, as Call of Duty 4, Super Mario Galaxy, and Assassinís Creed all hit in the next two weeks. Add that to my list of recently acquired games, like Zack and Wiki (which I finally found at Gamestop), The Simpsons Game, and Ace Combat 6, and things are getting pretty ridiculous. I feel like Iím a squirrel storing nuts for the winter, expect Iím storing videogames instead of nuts, and instead of winter, itís the zombie apocalypse.

  Oh man, I hope itís the zombie apocalypse.