11/8/07 "Computer Repair"

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Logan and I have very different approaches to computer repair. Where I tend to throw caution to the wind with an “all or nothing” attitude, Logan goes about it the proper way, and is therefore much more successful in the field than I am. The best moments are when I need to go to him for tech help and our methods clash, as depicted in the comic.

  As you no doubt noticed, we changed our web address. More importantly, we switched servers from Mysitespace to Dreamhost. Hopefully this server will be more stable and you’ll find this URL less confusing when telling it to people. Just remember the hyphen! The hyphen is key!

  So we might mix it up a little during Jeff’s hiatus; I might not necessarily draw all of the comics. Jeff might end up cranking out one or two “sketch” (terrible) comics. Nick also expressed interest in doing a comic, as did Logan, who constantly throws out comic ideas that involve ridiculing someone that he hates, to the point where it’s not actually intended to be funny; he just wants to make people sad.