11/15/07 "High School Days"

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Looks like the Almighty Jeff found time in his oh-so-busy schedule to grace us with one of his comic masterpieces! Ooooh, how lucky we are! Move along now everyone, we donít want to take up too much of Mr. Morinís precious time!

  So it looks like I landed an ongoing gig with Gamepro, creating content for OMGhalo.com, a Halo 3 fan site thatís part of their online network. The funny thing is, Iím not even that crazy about Halo 3. Regular readers, if we have any, might remember this edition of the Happs where I outlined my complaints regarding the third entry in the franchise. However, the site focuses on Haloís fantastic multiplayer experience, which I can totally get on board with. I have boatloads of fun playing over Xbox Live, but knowing that these grand times were made possible due to the sacrifice of the single player campaign, I will always feel bitter towards Bungie.