11/22/07 "Evolution of Thanksgiving"

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Thanksgiving is upon us! Put aside your shame while you stuff your fat faces! Rejoice!

  We went and saw The Mist on Wednesday with a few friends and, although I’m still on my initial movie “high”, I think it was one of the best horror films I’ve seen. I haven’t read the short story by Stephen King but according to Logan, the film was pretty spot-on. If you’re looking to see a quality flick that will likely fuck you up for life, go see The Mist!

  There’s not a whole lot to talk about, mainly because Jeff works all of the time and all I do is sit inside and play videogames. Oh sweet, sweet videogames. Now that Mass Effect has finally hit, I think the onslaught of games has finally come to an end. I remember how upset I was when Grand Theft Auto 4 got delayed until next year; now I don’t know how in the hell I would’ve played everything.

  Enjoy the holiday, everyone. I would go celebrate it with my family, but I’ve neglected all of my games for too long. I have stars to collect. They’ll understand.