4/3/07 "Self Deprecating Humor"

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Iím a big fan of self-deprecating humor. Jeff is too, but not to the extent that I am. I thrive on the stuff.

  In the absence of our guestbook, we created an Inner Nut Myspace account for fans who would like to message us or leave us comments or what not. We plan on someday adding a new guestbook or possibly even our own forum, but in the meantime, feel free to let us know what you think on the Inner Nut Myspace.

  Logan, who you might remember from several of our comics, was so enthused about the idea of our new Myspace account that he created a Myspace account for our Inner Nut Myspace account!

  So if you feel so inclined, check out the Myspace page for our Myspace page! Remember, thereís the Inner Nut Myspace and then thereís the Myspace for the Inner Nut Myspace!

  Jeff and I saw Blades of Glory over the weekend. I had heard good things about it, but it was surprisingly on the low end of mediocre. There were definitely a lot of funny moments, but overall the laughs just werenít consistent enough. This was far from Will Ferrelís best role and I really canít stand Jon Heder as anybody but Napoleon Dynamite. I usually really enjoy Will Arnett and Amy Poehler as well, but their characters were boring and horrible. At least Jenna Fischer was in it. They shouldíve focused less on the terrible comedy, and more on Jenna Fischerís character being cute and adorable.

They couldíve just had a Jenna Fischer slide show. I would have been content.

I updated my blog for the first time in practically a month. I havenít abandoned it outright; Iíve just been devoting a lot of time to my entertainment blog at Hubpages. Iíll try to update again soon!