4/10/07 "Roy the Humanitarian"

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Jeff, Nick, Logan and I all saw Grindhouse this past weekend and let me tell you, it was pretty fantastic. Despite my anticipation to see it, I was not looking forward to sitting in the crappy theater seats for 3+ hours. Seriously; after a while, those things really hurt my ass. Fortunately, the movie flew by.

I agree with most reviews that Planet Terror is better than Death Proof as a whole. I say “as a whole” because, despite Death Proof really, really dragging for the first half of the movie, once it picked up I enjoyed it more than Planet Terror. Logan made a really good point when he said that everyone in a Quentin Tarantino movie talks just like Quentin Tarantino. That became abundantly clear after having to sit through a lot of boring conversations.

The fake movie trailers that make up the intermission were just as great as the two features. Although, I guess that could be a bad thing for people who were looking forward to getting up during the intermission to go the bathroom. If you were – thinking about – going to the bathroom – during the fake movie trailers – DON’T!

A better time to go to the bathroom would be in the middle of Deathproof.