4/18/07 "Work is Hell"

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Jeff doesnít literally work in Hell, but itís pretty damn close. Thereís even a guy who sort of resembles Satan, if you can believe that.

  As you may have noticed, we updated the comic on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Weíre going to do that from here on out, as things work better this way. I have my scrapbooking class on Monday nights and I canít afford to miss anymore of it. Just kidding, I donít take a scrapbooking class. I donít need to go to school to learn how to throw shit into a book. There, I said it.

  Iíve been playing a lot of Double Wires lately, which you can play right here. Itís in the middle of all that text that I canít read. They also have some more games on the sidebar. Theyíre fun, but unless you can understand the language that the instructions are written in, youíll have to learn to play as you go.

  So The Sopranos ended its six season run a few weeks ago. Iím just starting the fifth season and now with everyone talking about the series finale, Iím terrified of the show getting spoiled. I take my television programs very seriously. So shut up, internet. During my race to finish the series before some loose lips finish it for me, Iíve been putting most of my regular shows on hold, including House, 24, and The Shield, which Iíve been highly anticipating. I also want to check out Drive, the new FOX show with Nathan Fillion. My friend Matt informs me that the show is not terrible, which is much better than I expected.

  Remember, weíll be back Wednesday!