4/25/07 "Work is Hell: Part 2"

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Everyoneís favorite superhero-related television show is back as Heroes returned Monday night with a pretty enjoyable episode. I broke away from my Sopranos marathon to catch it, as I knew everybody would be talking about it the next day. Iíve got about six or seven episodes left in Sopranos and Iím enjoying the show more than ever; which is kind of shitty, because now Iím going to be sad when itís over. My goal now is to marathon the last half dozen episodes before itís time for Lost on Wednesday night.

  So Spider-man 3 hits theaters a week from Friday and Iím crazy stoked. Itís already got a couple reviews claiming that itís the best of the trilogy. However, theyíre from Aint It Cool News, so I wouldnít get too excited about that.

  So with Heroes coming back last Monday and Veronica Mars coming back next Tuesday, Iím looking forward to getting back to my lazy, TV-saturated life.