8/1/07 "Dick-wagon er...uh Chuck-wagon!"

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Hey all you internet Nerds out their, this is Nick! I will be writing the haps this week do to technical problems ( note from Jeff: This means Dylan is MIA again) . You may remember me from such issues as "Good Idea Nick!" and "Guilt Trip" witch I think are the best comics on the site, as you read you may realize that there is a few or many grammar and spelling errors that is do to the fact that I suck at English.

 This comic is crazy mainly cus I haven't seen it yet, I am just going by Jeff explaining it to me over the phone. It evolved from Jeff's neighbor witch apparently owns a hotdog wagon and mumbles a lot, the Dick thing is cus Jeff and his family call him dick, I don't know why apparently that is not even his name.

 And one more thing before I sign off, if you like any of the comics I appear in and would like to see more of me email you commits to Jeff or Dylan!

 This is Nick saying Pof