7/25/07 "Stock-bot"

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Work does indeed suck.  Because of work It took me a little longer to finish the comic this week. 

Coloring the comic takes a ton of time and I am thinking of doing it in black and white. But the obsesive compulsive artist in me can't handle that notion.  Perhaps, I will do it with grayscale instead of color and then maybe once in a while I will do one fully in color.  I don't really know I haven't decided yet. If any body has any opinion on this e-mail me please.

You may have noticed, Dylan didn't write a happs this week.  Probably because I didn't remind him.  Also, he went to go see the new Harry Potter movie last night. I didn't go because I'm pretty sure I hate that boy wizard.

I've been working on some other comics I will post on the site soon.  So keep an eye out for that.  Also, You may have noticed I've changed my sketchbook page around a bit.  I'm going to post some new art on there eventually if I can ever find the time.

anyway, I'm off to buy some pants!