6/20/07 "Burlap!"

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Dylan is busy this week so I will be writing the happs. I tried drawing the happs but it just came out looking like a pair of boobs.

If you have ever worked at a supermarket before you will find people saying the same things over and over again.  Such as, "working hard or hardly working? ha ha ha ha ha ha!"   Many times when asked what kind of bag they want the customer will respond with, "burlap", "wicker", or the ever popular but still annoying "aluminum."  

Carlos Mencia is just about as funny as those people.

Carlos Mencia has been called many things but mostly he's been called "Joke Stealer."  I don't think  its that he steals jokes.  It's more just that every word that comes out of his mouth is a worn out cliché.  

To be honest I'm mad at America more than Mencia.  America is the one who is saying, " No it's fine.  Keep throwing your turds in my eyes. I like it."  

I took a trip to the local Wal-Mart recently and was browsing their DVD section.  Every DVD on the shelf was stocked full except...you guessed it...The first season of Mind of Mencia.  There was only one left on the shelf. 
I could just image the events unfolding earlier that day when all those copies were snatched up by a bus load of frat brothers whom all belonged to the house of Dee Dee Dee.