5/2/07 "60 Watt Wish"

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So I forgot to write a Happs for Wednesday’s installment of Disappointmentville. I definitely need to get my ass in gear. Maybe even into overdrive.

Maybe I will shift my ass into overdrive!

I know that a weekly update shouldn’t be difficult. And it’s not. It’s just hard to remember, especially when most of the work falls on Jeff’s shoulders. Whereas Jeff works on the comic all week long, I usually write the Happs the night before it goes up. So unless Jeff calls me and tells me that he needs “werds” to go with his “picshures”, as he puts it, it completely slips my mind.

Here are a few quick thoughts about my television life:

I was completely wrong about The Sopranos. I thought the show was over, but it’s not. It’s almost over, though. There were advertisements that read “The Sopranos Final Episodes April 8th and 9th” (or something to that effect), so I took that as meaning that the final episodes were airing on those days. Not true. Those were just the days in which the run of the final episodes started. So, I am now caught up, and eagerly await the final few episodes. This was truly an amazing show.

Veronica Mars is back. Tuesday’s episode wasn’t the best, but it was a good, solid episode. Apparently it marks the start of a new format that will continue through the remainder of the season. Each of the five remaining episodes (I think it’s five) will feature an episode-long mystery that will wrap up at the end of that episode, with no overarching plot. I like Veronica Mars a lot, and I’m sure it will still remain enjoyable, but the overarching plots are what make it fantastic. I really hope they don’t keep this up. However, with the show’s fourth season completely up in the air, I’ll be happy to take Veronica Mars anyway I can get her.

Wednesday’s episode of Lost was phenomenal and wrapped up an ongoing story with a very satisfying reveal. I’ve read a few websites that claim to have seen it coming, but I’m not what you would call “smart”, or someone you would refer to as a “smart guy”, so it took me by surprise.

I finally got to catch the first two episodes of Drive. While it’s a far car from great, I enjoyed it. I really like Nathan Fillion and his character reminds me of Mal from Firefly, so that alone is enough to keep me watching.

Oh television, where would I be without you?

Probably writing the Happs.


Dylan forgot to write a happs.  I forgot to remind him to write the happs. forgetfulness all around.

Since it is 12:00 in the AM I'm not going to bug him about it. But there should be one later on.  If one of us remembers.