5/9/07 "Dreams of Spidey"

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So instead of a full blown comic this week, we opted instead to do a Spider-man-themed image to celebrate the release of Spider-man, as well as our repulsive laziness.

  After the sensational film that was Spider-Man 2, I was an early victim to the hype surrounded by Spidey 3. That was until I read a few disappointing reviews and heard some pretty poor reactions from a few of my close friends. I ended up going into the theater with pretty low expectations, which turned out to be a good thing, because I still enjoyed the film quite a bit.

  Spider-Man 3 is definitely not without its flaws. There were some major problems with pacing and more than a few elements seemed rushed and a little clichť and generally a little cop-outish. Iíve read that Sam Raimi (the director) was initially against having Venom in the film, but after the producersí insistence and he was presented with a script that he liked, he went along with it. However, I think the inclusion of Venom was the nail in Spideyís coffin. The need to cram Venomís storyline into an already action-packed film seems to be at the root of all the other problems.

  That being said, I donít think Spider-Man 3 is a terrible film by any means. It was no Spider-Man 2, but I still got a kick out of it. Jeff liked it more, but thatís just because heís hot for superheroes.

  Jeff also threw up a quick comic about a father and son who were sitting behind us in the theater. I find it funny that the kid freaked out at Sandman, but not at Venom. But to be fair, Sandmanís origin was pretty fucking disturbing.