5/16/07 "Sponge Diet"

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Iíve been dieting lately and so far Iíve lost 40 pounds; no thanks to the internet, however. Finding helpful diet tips on the internet is a near impossible feat. When it comes to weight loss, every armchair doctor with a Ph.D. in bullshit feels the need to give his input on the proper way to go about it. So Iíve just been sticking to the cardinal rule of ďdonít eat like a fatty.Ē

The third Ė and possibly last Ė season of Veronica Mars is almost at an end. In an effort to save the show, Rob Thomas, the showís creator, pitched the CW a format change in which Veronica was in FBI academy; the pitch supposedly went well. Hopefully this new alternative will keep the show from getting axed. However, even though the network has already announced itís new fall lineup, the fate of the show is still undetermined. It just hasnít found the audience it deserves, which is tragic, because itís still one of the best shows out there. Letís hope it doesnít get thrown in with the newly-cancelled Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, rest its soul.

  I donít know many details yet, but apparently NBC is planning a short Heroes spin-off entitled Origins that will run in the showís hiatus next season. From what Iíve read, itís going to tell the origins and back-stories of entirely new characters, with the occasional Heroes regular possibly popping in. Once Origins is over, viewers will be able to vote for their favorite character. The character with the most votes will be written into the third season of the show.

  The Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta hits late tonight/early tomorrow and I plan to start neglecting all of my work the moment I fire it up. If it had come out a day earlier, you wouldnít be reading this right now, because it wouldnít exist. Jeff would have to come to my house in-person to shake me out of my videogame-induced coma and beat me senseless until I agreed to write the Happs.

  The Halo 3 Beta lasts for 21 days, so see you in three weeks!