5/23/07 "Dr. Wonka"

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It's a sad day for television nerds. As soon as I'm done writing this, I plan to go microwave cold egg rolls and onion rings from the supermarket deli and watch the series finale of Veronica Mars. The show has been canned, along with my diet.

 Just kidding, my diet is simply on hiatus! However, Veronica Mars is indeed canceled. I reported last week that Rob Thomas's pitch for a new "direction" with the show went well, and as far as I know, that's still what happened. Apparently that isn't enough for the CW. Smallville got renewed for a 7th season. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a superhero fanboy and therefore a Smallville fan, but if there was any justice in the world, Smallville would have been canceled after any one of its numerous bad episodes and Kristen Bell would still be invading my living room and my heart every Tuesday night. Sorry Supes, sometimes you just don't bring the magic.

 Last night's Heroes served up a good but not great season finale and 24 surprised me with a surprisingly decent end to its sixth season. The aforementioned Veronica Mars ends tonight and tomorrow night Jeff and I are getting together with a few friends for the 2-hour Lost finale. The Office ended last week and in a few weeks House will end and then it's Summer, with its stupid sun and swimming and such.

 Today was an interesting day, with Logan and I going over to Nick's house to help him construct a Lost-themed cake for tomorrow's finale. Various events that I can recall from today including me eating terrible amounts of frosting, parading around with a kitchen utensil positioned in front of my crotch, and Logan actually lighting a paper towel on fire in the middle of Nick's kitchen counter. We were what you would call "su-chefs."

 The cake features the crashed Oceanic Flight 815 as well as the uncovered hatch door with working light! As Logan pointed out, this arrangement is quite the continuity error, as the plane's fuselage was destroyed long before Locke discovered the hatch. Nick is a pretty talented guy when it comes to cakes, but hopefully he'll get his shit together soon and stop making cakes that don't make any fucking sense.