10/11/07 "Nick's Shtick"

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Itís that time again! What time is that? My favorite time: time to make fun of Nick! As the title of the comic would suggest, these retellings are accurate. Nick says crazy shit all of the time. He tells crazy lies that would usually result in heavy scolding, except heís Nick, so itís more akin to a little kid saying a curse word. You know itís not right, but itís too damn hilarious and adorable to get mad over. Nickís a delicate flower, that one.

  Jeff informs me that heís added more artwork to his portfolio. Jeff probably lies more than Nick, so if you do decide to check out his sketchbook, be prepared for disappointment.

  I picked up The Orange Box for Xbox 360 on Wednesday and Logan and I had a big argument over whether I should have abandoned all of my Xbox Live friends in favor of the ďtrueĒ PC version. At least I think it was Logan that I was arguing with. The man rode atop a horse whose legs ascended into the clouds. I couldnít clearly see the mysterious rider of that high horse, but I recognized the tone in his voice; the tone of better than you.

  So whatís with all these new fall TV shows being so fantastic? I donít have time for this! Just off the top of my head, Iím really enjoying Pushing Daisies, Life, Journeyman, and Reaper. Iím also fond of Carpoolers, but itís still up in the air which way that could go. Thereís also a flood of returning quality television such as Dexter, House, The Office, Heroes; I could go on. I thought Bionic Woman turned out to be pretty shitty, which is great, because I donít have time for it!

  Oh Prison Break, you started out with such promise. I canít even tell what youíve become. Though I still love you, your premise has been altered in my mind. You are now called Prison Break Squad, and you are about a squad of whip-smart convicts that live to break out of prisons the world over, while a nutty former-FBI agent tries to throw a wrench in your plans, but heís too fucking crazy to sabotage anything other than himself.

  Prison Break Squad airs Mondays on Fox!