9/13/07 "The Unfair part one: The Pear-man"

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Oh The Happs, you are my worst enemy! But I also love you dearly.

  So we were late this week, big whoop. I donít want to point fingers, but Jeff ruined everything. Seriously though, the guy works pretty hard, so give him a break. Sometimes heís too exhausted to make the magic. Sometimes he just sits in a corner and cries. Itís very emotional for both of us.

  Itís a weird feeling, the one this little ďendeavorĒ of ours conjures up. When I said that KC Green hit the nail on the head with last weekís Horribleville, I wasnít kidding. It feels as if weíre trying to accomplish something, we just donít know what, and weíll never know if weíve accomplished it or not. Thereís a lot of pressure that comes from everywhere and nowhere in particular at the same time.

  What we need are specific goals, but how do we go about making those? Should we set a certain level of site traffic as our goal? That doesnít feel rewarding to me, because I donít know who is looking at our site. There are a lot of idiots out there, and entertaining idiots does nothing for me. I donít want to be Carlos Mencia or Larry The Cable Guy. I want to entertain smart people, which is surprisingly hard to do when youíre kind of an idiot.

  But I will never break new ground. I donít want to be afraid to offend, but I am. I donít want to be politically correct, but Iím scared not to be. I donít want to settle for bullshit catchphrases and wacky antics, but Iím too scared to try harder. I feel as if I am dumb America, and Iím too terrified to rise above it.