9/9/08 "Worst Fear"

Not only is this installment of Disappointmentville pretty late, itís also the last one until next month. Weíre going to start doing one Disappointmentville a month from now on. Iíd explain here, but Jeff has a pretty detailed explanation up on the forums. (And the last happs) Jeff is going to focus more on other comic projects, but youíll see most, if not all of those projects on the site. Weíre working on some cosmetic changes to the main page as well as an RSS feed, since updating with other material will be somewhat sporadic.

So what does this mean for me? Since I havenít been contributing to the site in a while, not a lot. Once we slow down to once a month, itíll probably be easier for me to remember to write comics, so maybe Iíll start doing it again.

Iím canceling my dreamhost account tonight, so the Comilog will be no more. But I plan to start looking into other hosting services, cheaper ones, so I might be back soon. And Iím sick of the name Comilog, so maybe Iíll change that!

In case something goes wrong next month and I donít see you until November, Obama/Biden í08!