10/1/08 "Offending Halloween"

Disappointmentville is now a monthly affair, which means the Happs is as well. I thought doing a weekly column was too much pressure, now I have to ensure that this column is worth waiting a whole month for. SPOILER ALERT: youíre going to be disappointed.

I really, really wanted to talk about Sarah Palin and how hilariously useless and incompetent she is, but it feels redundant. Saturday Night Live actually started using her speeches practically verbatim to make fun of her. Thatís ridiculous.

It is October, which means that Halloween is approaching. While doing a comic on November 1st would have been much closer to Halloween, especially since many people celebrate past midnight on October 31st, it just wouldnít feel right doing a post-holiday comic. Once the holiday is over, itís over. It makes a lot more sense doing it while all of the stores are stocked with Halloween candy and people are still making plans. Itís like The Price is Right, you canít go over the holiday. You have to pick $1 just to be safe.

This comic is hilarious for me, on a personal level, because it highlights what an awful person Logan is. Heís really super terrible. You have no idea. Heís like a supervillain.

While new installments of D-Ville will be hitting the 1st of every month, we will be updating sporadically with other content. For this reason, we now have an RSS feed that you can follow by clicking the link about the comic.

I bet you think that RSS stands for something super fancy, like how HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Nope, it stands for Really Simple Syndication. Itís true. Wikipedia it, if you donít believe me.

The internet is stupid as shit.