11/2/08 "Shirtless President"

I hope everyone had a good Halloween. Nick threw a small shindig that included Jeff, myself, and a few other friends. Jeff dressed up as Batman and I dressed up as Nick, and we also had a pirate and a few Ghostbusters. The best part of the night was when Nick fell down the stairs, immediately followed by Ladona, who sprained her ankle. A fun time was had by all.

Tuesday is election day! Yowza! I've been pretty vocal (in text form) about my support for Barack Obama and that hasn't changed. I know everyone is saying it looks really good for him, but I don't want to get my hopes up. After all, I never thought that Bush would get re-elected, so I don't necessarily have faith in the people voting. If you're not sure who you're voted for, Disappointville presents you with an additional candidate. What he lacks in a shirt he makes up for in moxy!

Jeff and I still aren't sure if we're going to keep this new monthly format. We may attempt to go back to a more frequent comic, but there are no solid plans yet. We'll keep you updated on the forums, just like how Galaxy News Radio in Fallout 3 still broadcasts to a now dead, apocalyptic wasteland.

Sad face.