2/1/08 "Flyers of Fate"

Lost is back! Stop the presses, because no one is gonna readíem anyway. Not while asshole Jack is back on TV. Speaking of which, the Lost video game, Lost: Via Domus, is scheduled to come out next month for a variety of platforms. If you havenít seen the trailers, let me tell you, it looks awful. Iíll probably still play it, however, just to get that juicy Lost story.

And with the return of Lost, so returns the Lost party, which is hosted at the house of a female friend whose name I canít remember. Oh well.

The forums arenít dead yet, thanks to a few select people. If you havenít registered yet, thanks for ruining everything weíve been trying to achieve. No seriously, THANKS A TON.

So todayís comic is part of the same storyline as the last couple and it will continue on for a little while. So if you donít like, donít bother coming back for another month or so.