2/7/08 "Angel Hair"

Why, hello there! Sorry, I didnít see you. I was too busy being a great American by supporting Barack Obama. Whatís that, you say? You support Hillary Clinton or John McCain? Oh, thatís fine! Itís a free countryÖ


I like Obama and I hope you do too, because I just talked to Jeff and weíre going to start replacing the comic with great Barack Obama speeches. Get used to it. Itís our website, so we can do that, yes we can.

Today is an important day for Jeff, as he got to write a comic that made fun of me for being both dumb and fat. Thanks buddy. We can do that, though! Weíre good buddies so we can give each other all types of crazy shit, yes we can.

So Lost is back and, as expected, is totally awesome. Weíve been discussing it on the forums, so thatís just one more reason to head on over there. We can theorize about Lost until the Dharma cows come home, yes we can.

Well, thatís about it. As always, feel free to swing on by the forums and let us know what you think about the comic.

  (yes we can)