2/14/08 "Sweatpants"

So the writerís strike is officially over, boys and gals. 92.5% of the WGA writers voted to take the new offer that was put on the table, which means that 7.5% of the writerís guild is going to ruin television out of spite. I hope they donít write for the shows that I like.

Whatís hilarious about this comic is that when Jeff first showed me his rough idea, I never wore sweatpants. Since then, however, Iíve inadvertently acquired a pair that I do wear quite a bit. I donít know if itís a direct result of that comic or just a product of me being a slob. What I do know, however, is that I sure love these sweatpants.

So I picked up an acoustic guitar on the cheap from a friend and said friend is also teaching me how to play.  Iím excited, as Iíve enjoyed what little Iíve practiced so far, but I also have ridiculous irrational fears about playing guitar. My main fear is that Iíll slide my hand down the neck too fast and the strings will slice all of my fingers open. Another fear, which is more horrific but I feel less likely to happen, is a string snapping and slicing me across the face, possibly taking my eye out. Some shit like that happened in the remake of The Haunting and it could easily happen to me!