2/21/08 "Speed Hating"

Todayís comic is a little farfetched and unlikely. Not because Logan has sex with his future self - thatís entirely possible. I can easily see Logan doing something like that if given the opportunity. However, I highly doubt Logan would ever attend a speed dating event. Thatís totally not something he would do. But he would totally do himself.

Hey video game nerds, Super Smash Bros. Brawl comes out soon. Yeeeeeeah. Logan wants to play me online so that he can ruin my life from 200 miles away. Hey Logan, go fuck yourself. OH WAIT YOU ALREADY DID.

Barack Obama just won the Wisconsin primary, meaning that his perfect track record since Super Tuesday is still intact. If we had a bigger fan base, Iíd totally use my power to influence everyone to vote for Obama, but I think that the majority of people who read this already are.

Well, some dumb lady is bugging me to finish up so that she can play Pogo. What a bitch, am I right?