2/28/08 "Awkward Abortion"

I installed some anti-spam mods on our forum because Iím so damn smart. Hopefully that will cut down on the spam tremendously, given those who havenít checked out our forum even more reason to do so! Get on with it, already!

For those who follow politics, specifically the democratic race, the Ohio and Texas primaries are next Tuesday. These are a pretty big deal. In fact, we may have a definite democratic nominee come next weekís update. And if itís not Obama, this site will no longer exist, as I will have burned the internet to the ground.

My efforts to learn guitar are going surprisingly well. I say surprisingly because I have the dexterity of a sloth. My taking up the guitar inspired Nick to do the same. Unfortunately for him, he canít move his fingers like a normal human being. The last two frets on Guitar Hero are completely out of the question to him. Itís not that he isnít quick enough; itís that he canít physically bend his ring finger or pinky. I donít know what the fuck is wrong with him. Jeff also recently expressed interest in learning the gee-tar, but fuck that. Iím sick of living in that rat bastardís shadow. Guitar is mine.

I want to congratulate KC Green over at Rumblo.com. Iíve mentioned him a few times in the Happs. His site is back up now, but it was down earlier, because it got so popular he done broke his server at NightGig. Good job KC!

So today marks the end Ė of sorts Ė of the speed dating storyline. We may Ė or may not! Ė follow it up with an epilogue. We just donít know yet. Thatís how flexible and professional we are. We can change at a momentís notice, like someone whoís bi-polar.