1/3/08 "Comedy-Gold"


Thatís the sound I make when Iím full of macaroni and cheese, like I am right now. Nick had a ďMac & Cheese Throwdown,Ē where himself, Jeff, and his friend Chris all cooked their own variations of macaroni & cheese. Logan, a few lady friends (WINK WINK WINKS WINKERS), and myself judged the various dishes. Jeff made Stoufferís mac and cheese because heís a lazy shit (note from Jeff: This is not true, I made it from scratch it just tasted that way). Chris used bleu cheese in his because heís a ballsy motherfucker. And Nick made some insane seven cheese concoction because heís a cheater and had this contest rigged from the get go. A practicing chef canít just challenge a guy who works at a supermarket and a guy who works at a gas station to a cook off. Obliviously Nickís dish was the best, but fair and square this contest was not.

With the help of Chris, Nickís tech-savvy friend, weíre hoping to get an Innet Nut forum up sometime in the near future. Logan has offered to moderate it, but if you knew Logan like I do, you would know that heís just out to ban everybody and ruin it. Iím pretty darn tootiní excited at the prospect of a fan community that I can interact with. Imagine how disappointed Iíll be when I discover that thereís no fan community at all. Iíll be Disappointmentville USA!

Itís 2008! Maybe this year wonít be as horrible as last year! Oh who am I kidding? Time stands still in Disappointville USA UNIVERSE TIME PARADOX NOOOOOOOOOOOOO