1/10/08 "Pick Up Pick Me Up"

Forum! Forum! Inner Nut has a forum! Read all about it in this post that Iím writing right this second!

Sometimes I wish I was a newsboy that sold papers on a street corner. Then I could yell at the top of my lungs and nobody would give me funny looks. I could also yell inappropriate things depending on the paperís headline. Imagine me out on the street, a funny hat on my head and a stack of newspapers hot off the presses right at my feet. A gentle old timer walks by and sticks his hand out. No words need to be spoken; we both know what to do here. I hand him a paper and he flicks me a quarter, which I quickly catch in my pants pocket by swinging my hips. I give him a wink that clearly says ďThanks old timer. You take care now.Ē

Then a woman walks by pushing a stroller and I yell right in that babyís face:


So we finally got ourselves a forum, which was long overdue. I encourage everyone to register an account and get involved, but I must warn you: I will ban each and every one of you if you so much as look at me sideways.

Haha, I kid!

I posted rules, which I would love everyone to abide by, but I have no intention of being a Post Nazi. (I know that was you, Chris; Nick isnít that clever.) Iím really looking forward to interacting with our community. Iím very excited to hear what everybody has to say, even if that person is just a negative Nancy. I know Jeff is excited, too. He canít talk very well, but when we were creating the forum, he drew a big smiley face on a napkin and kept holding it in front of my face and pointing at it. Then he would hold the napkin next to his face and make the same smile, causing him to burst out laughing and fall asleep. We go through these kinds of things a lot.

Also I guess thereís a comic up there thatís about Jeff being bad with women? Who cares? Check out the forum.