1/17/08 "Roy's Wisdom"

It’s that time of the week! The time of the week where Jeff goes “don’t forget to write a happs” and I go “a what?” and then I slowly remember what’s going on. And here we are!

We brought the lovable jackass known as Roy back for this week’s installment and he’ll be here next week as well. What a jackass. We also have a whore!

We got together with some friends Wednesday night - including Nick and Logan - and watched Juno. It was pretty damn awesome. Ellen Page is adorable and Logan immediately looked up how old she is to make sure that we weren’t all pedophiles. She’s 19, so we’re all in the clear.

The forums are growing slowly, which we expected, but I still have high hopes. If you’ve yet to go check them out, please do so. As of right now, all we have on there are friends and friends of friends, but I’m still really loving it and just having those guys on there makes this whole thing a lot more fulfilling.

Jeff started a thread on the forums where you can talk about the latest D-Ville comic. You can check it out here. It’s something we plan on doing every week, just to help encourage discussion. It’s already led to a mini-addition to last week’s comic. If you haven’t checked out the forums then you’re missing out on valuable content! Exclusive forum content!