1/24/08 "Hypocrite"

Greetings from Nick’s parents’ house!

So here I am, full of Nick’s famous chipotle pizza. Also, gas. Lots and lots of gas. We just watched Hitman. Reactions from our small group were all over the place. Jeff couldn’t get over how beautifully shot it was, raving like only a lunatic would. At one point he actually turned to our friend Ladona and said “What a beautiful movie!” I enjoyed it enough, though my initial criticism (along with every other Hitman fan) that Timothy Olyphant was a bad choice for 47 turned out to be truer than I had expected. Our friends Sebrina and the aforementioned Ladona both seemed to hate it, but their original movie suggestions were Mr. Woodcock and Untraceable, so their opinions obviously aren’t worth a damn. And Nick slept through a good portion of it. He has this weird condition where he immediately passes out during action scenes. If I remember right, it started with 300. He’s a fucked up dude.

Someone on our forums (I don’t know why I say someone – I know full well who she is) originally thought that Roy was a hobo, which I find hilarious. We haven’t fleshed out our characters nearly enough, but in my mind, Roy is a hobo. He doesn’t have a home, and he sure as hell doesn’t have a job. He’s also full of terrible, contradictory advice, making him just a useless douche overall. I think there’s potential there.