7/3/08 "Shirtless Steve"

The fires around Lake County seem to be dying down. I havenít been keeping up on the news, but thereís definitely a lot less smoke outside. I can see the mountain again! The shitty, barren, disappointing mountains.

Disappointmentville really is a mixed bag. On one hand, you have Clearlake. While itís rather disgusting, it looks pretty nice from a distance. But then you turn around and you have an ugly, depressing mountain range made of weeds and snakes. Get those snakes away from me.

And then you have the people of Disappointmentville. Disappointians, if you will. People like Shirtless Steve are in abundance here. We donít really have homeless people. We have people who look, smell, and act like homeless people, but they usually have somewhere to go. I think my dad is one of them!

Itís roughly one month until my birthday! Hot shit in a biscuit!

As you all probably know, George Carlin died a little over a week ago. I didnít post about it last week because I didnít care for him. And then I watched some of his stuff and realized that I did. And then Jeff realized that he liked him too. Then Logan criticized me for my flip-floppy ways, and then he realized that he liked him too.
Apples to Apples, Dust to Dust.