7/12/08 "Diet-rrhea"

So we are well into the summer now and the heat is one area in which Disappointmentville does not disappoint. And then when you mix the blazing sun with the humidity of my swamp cooler, you get a disgusting fat man who sticks to his chair as he types this. Ladies?

Iím in the middle of going through old boxes filled with even older belongings. Iím making good progress. Where at first I transitioned from ďI guess this can go in a box in the shed,Ē I have finally transitioned to ďI guess this can go in the garbage forever.Ē Itís a filthy, tiring endeavor. I have a lot of stuff, as well as a lot of dirt. Sometimes I find things coated with dust and spider corpses, which causes me to discard the entire box, not knowing what treasures are hidden inside.

The biggest problem is when I come across things that I know someone would want, but I donít want to go through the trouble of transferring said items. For example, I have a PS1 Namco Guncon. I donít want to throw that away. Surely there must children in Africa starving for some terrorist-shooting action? They need to have this.

This weekís comic was all Jeff so if you want some back story on it, youíll have to head over the forums. We didnít plan it this way to drive traffic to our forums, but itís sure as hell working out that way. Get over there.