7/31/08 "Phantom Parts"

Well, itís July turdy-first, so we are back!

Iím sad to report that my Comilog will be going down soon for an undisclosed amount of time as I canít afford to keep it going. I plan on looking into free web space catered towards web comics, which Iím pretty sure exists. Chances are Iíll like it better than what I have now because it wonít be a stupid blog format.

Normally I would use this space to talk critique recent movies Iíve seen, but things have changed. Iíve seen The Dark Knight twice now and I donít think I need to tell anybody how good it is, what with its praises being sung all over the internet and it smashing box office records like Nick in a china shop. However, the only downside to the film is that it has ruined all cinema for me for the foreseeable future. I saw Hellboy 2 a few days afterwards and despised it because it wasnít The Dark Knight. I started watching a movie called Solo the other day and turned it off not five minutes in to watch a shitty cam version of Dark Knight that I grabbed off the net.

Itís also crossed over and ruined other mediums. Iíve been looking forward to Metal Gear Solid 4 for some time. I finally acquired a PlayStation 3 a few weeks ago and starting playing the game immediately. It was all I had hoped and more. When the time came to see Batman, I was near the end of the game. After returning home from the theater, I had no desire to play whatsoever. Solid Snake wasnít Batman. I finally completed the game roughly a week later with much less enthusiasm thanks to the Caped Crusader.

Batman has done near ruined my life. However, all that being said, there is one person that tickles my fancy a little more than the B-Man, and that person can be seen here.