6/19/08 "Future Mustard"
So I'm in Washington this week; the state, not the capital. And I'm visiting the president; not of the US, but the president of my family: my mom! Democracy is awesome.

As you may have noticed, we took a short little 2 week hiatus while Jeff focused on other projects and I focused on not writing comics. Jeff put up some side-splitting Justice League fan fiction in the "other comics" section, so feel free to check that out to get some comic goodness in ya'.

Washington is called the "Evergreen State", but really it's America's saddest state. The sun doesn't actually come here, but instead bypasses it completely by curving downwards towards Arizona. That's also why Alaska is frozen and can't support life. It's science, people.

Did you know that Washington residents have an average life span of seven years before killing themselves?

Now Oregon is a roadtripper's dream. Beautiful forests, full service gas, and no statewide sales tax! They make up for the last one by charging more property tax, but if you're just passing through, it doesn't affect you. You're just ruining Oregon for the people who live there. But I don't care about those people, so go right ahead.