6/26/08 "Dino Tractor"

Smooooooooke on the waaaateeeer


It finally happened. God is so disappointed with Disappointmentville, heís burning it to the ground. Itís pretty crazy. I came back from my trip to Washington to find the mountains ablaze and the air full of smoke. Sometimes I can smell it from in front of my computer if my window is open.

Itís been a while since Iíve shamelessly plugged the forums. Go there. Type things to us and we will respond.

The Safeway in nearby Lakeport has been under construction as they install a new Starbucks and do other things that I couldnít care less about. Going there in the middle of the night and seeing terrifying construction equipment was quite a site, though.

With less than a month to go, my hype for The Dark Knight is nearing full swing. And as much as I love Christian Bale, itís Heath Ledgerís Joker thatís really got me excited. Itís tragic that he died shortly after, but at least his last portrayal should be memorable.