3/6/08 "Wieners 4 Life"

Itís another edition of Things That Are Happening Ė or as we like to call it Ė THE HAPPS!!!!

So whatís the Happs? Well, for starters, the comic. The comic is happs right this minute. Itís an epilogue of sorts to the whole speed dating story that we did and it features everyoneís favorite rhyming hot dog salesman, Chef Chuck. I like to call him Chuck Dick because I canít understand things and my brain doesnít function like everyone elseís.

Now for some sad news. Hillary Clinton won both the Texas and Ohio primaries yesterday, keeping the race between her and Obama really close, though I believe Obama still leads in delegates. If Obama had won yesterday, it very well could have cinched the nomination for him. I really want him to knock Hillary down and ride her like a surfboard all the way to the Oval Office. When does that happen?

Now for some more sad news. Due to a sudden spike in activity for Jeff, there will be no comic next week. This is a plus for me, as Super Smash Bros Brawl hits next week and Iím just going to play that until I pass out from awesome.

Now for some great news! When we come back on March 20th, weíll be showing a special 3D iMax live-action version of Disappointmentville to coincide with the release of our new 3D pop-up book. Keep in mind, I havenít cleared ANY of this with Jeff, so nothing is for sure. Just remember that if it doesnít happen, itís just because Jeff isnít onboard with it.