3/20/08 "Rhyming Failure"

And we’re back!

After a week long hiatus, we’re back into the swing of things here at Disappointmentville. Disappointed? You should be.


Logan is down for Spring Break. While all the girls are outside taking their tops off, we’re inside playing videogames like the nerds we are. I just picked up Rainbox Six Vegas 2 tonight so that I can continue to work on my life’s ambition of being alone forever.

How about that Barack Obama? He sure is one charming S.O.B. Check out the thread on the forums dedicated to him. That will support my statement.

Has anybody been watching Breaking Bad? That show is fantastic. I thought Bryan Cranston was super hilarious as the dad on Malcom in the Middle, but it turns out he’s a phenomenal dramatic actor as well.

It’s the return Chef Chuck! And possibly the demise of Chef Chuck! DUN DUN DUUUUN. Don’t like that? Go whine about it on our forums. They’re still there, waiting! LIKE YOU PEOPLE GIVE A SHIT!!