5/1/08 "Bad News Bear"

Even as hyped as I was, Iím still putting more time into Grand Theft Auto IV than I thought I would. Since getting it Monday night, Iíve spent the majority of my time playing. Itís entirely possible that Iíve played GTA more than Iíve slept, as I came home Tueday morning and played for 5 hours, slept for 4 hours, and then got up and played the majority of Tuesday day. Now itís Wednesday and Iíve been playing off and on all day, stopping occasionally to do work.

I donít want to discuss in detail how much I like the game, because you only need to casually glance around the internet to see that the game is getting 10s across the board. I agree with these scores. After putting Iím sure a good 10-15 hours into it since early Tuesday morning, Iím positive that is this is the best game Iíve ever played and just an amazing experience overall.

So this weekís D-Ville installment ends the current storyline, which may bring about a sigh of relief in some people. Even after a year, weíre still trying to get the hang of things, such as how long to run a storyline before itís run into the ground. Itís a tricky situation and we appreciate the feedback weíve received from the forum folk.

And with that, Iím off to jack some cars. Not in the real world, of course! I donít have my license.